What Essential Things Do You Need For Your Illustrations?

If you want to start a business in illustration or start doing freelance work, having the right equipment is an excellent way to start it. Especially if you’ve worked with an established company and honed your illustration skills, creating your own illustration business is great.

You should have the essential things you need for your illustration work as they can affect how you can succeed in this field. These are the things you need:

1. Drawing Supplies

Basic supplies for an illustrator include a good drawing pad and a printer. The most basic of drawing equipment should consist of an ordinary drawing pad, pencils, and erasers.

The kind of printer you get depends on your preference. A quality printer will also be necessary as the ink that you use will affect the paper.

The good thing about having a printer is that you can print your work on a large scale without worrying about your finished piece’s quality. With such, you can get the best possible prints without any compromises.

These necessary supplies will help you create and produce a quality drawing.

2. Brushes

It’d be wise to invest in some brushes for erasing or adding texture. If you want a more professional look, getting some quality graphic design software could also help. Some software programs also come with brushes and erasers, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

3. High-Performing PC

Once you’ve got your necessary equipment, you can start looking into the computer’s memory. To work on your illustrations in a faster time frame, make sure you purchase a high-performing PC. Having the right size and memory will allow you to work on your drawings even at full speed.

When it comes to buying a computer, it’s necessary to go all out because buying the best possible equipment is actually what’s going to help you become a professional illustrator. You should be able to work at full speed using the computer and use its other features like printing. With such, you’ll get the quality output that you need from your artwork.

4. Drawing Tools

Essential drawing tools include markers, foils, crayons, and paints. You should include these tools in every illustration artist’s bag. Make sure that you buy quality tools that’ll give you the results you want. It’s therefore vital that you choose the best ones available. You can choose from the various brands available, so the task is not a daunting one.

Buying supplies at reasonable prices is one way you can save money. However, make sure that you do some research before you buy your supplies to make a proper decision. You can find supplies online.


When you have all of the essential items you’ll be ready to start creating your work in a professional and a good looking and unique way. By following these simple steps, you can begin to get the most out of your illustrations.

Once you have everything in your hands, you’ll be able to create good quality work. And that’s what you need to establish your illustration portfolio or business.