20 Brilliant Tips For Drawing Comics

Drawing Comics

Comics are fun and especially fun when you’re passionate about the art form. Yes, it is an art form that includes texts and drawing to depict a message or narrate a story. From kids to young adults and a good percentage of elders, everyone loves comics. It’s a passion for some, and hobby for others. If you’re one of those people who wish to start working on your comics, there here are 20 tips that can help you get started with your interest:

 #1 Focus on your strong points

The beauty of comics is that, the more you work on it, the better you get at it. Hence, it is always better to start with your strong points. For instance, if you’re good at foliage and love the nature, then build a story around it.

 #2 create a storyline

Like mentioned above, comics are centered on a storyline. Start with a personal experience or something imaginative, which does Justice to the creative premises. Once you have a rough storyline in place, start with a page-by-page script to support your story.


 #3 Colour

Once you’re done with storyline and your character, throw in come color, which will enhance its attractiveness.

 #4 Reader in mind

Always keep the reader in mind. The drawings and the dialogue should be in harmony with each other

#5 Have an idea

Simple drawings and simple dialogues with a profound idea is the ultimate key to a successful comic

#6 Topography

Topography plays a crucial role in comics and people generally pay the least attention to it. But do not do that mistake as it gives you an idea about the proportions of the image.

#7 Start loose

Don’t beat yourself up in the early stages. Try to practice them roughly and get the hang of it

#8 Theme


Like already mentioned above, work on a theme. Don’t try to mix and match concepts in the illusion of creating complex and sophisticated comic.

 # 9 Attention to details

People love it when there’s lots of details added to the picture or the dialogues and expressions. Work on them in the initial stages.

#10 Adding dialogues

If you’re not a fan of drawing bubbles for dialogues, then there exists online tools and software’s that can add text images.

#11 Square grid panel

Make use of the square grid technique to perfect the images. These work similar to topography.

#12 Balance

There should be an equal balance between the images, and the texts. Both should not be too big nor too small, just the right size to understand what is happening in the image

.#13 Phototshop

Make use of the advantages of software tools like Photoshop once you’re ready with the outline.

#14 Character designs

An important aspect of a comic is the character design. Hence, it is important to add details and draw close up’s of the character.

#15 Don’t give out too much in the beginning

Do not give out too much information in the beginning which will spoil the thrill of the storyline. #16Analyze the storyline

Comics are like creating a film, but with limited frames, so, it is mandatory to keep it short and sweet.

#17 Variations

Adding to the above point, it is important to also vary the shapes, and sizes of the images to add variety.

#18 Writing

Even if your comic has no dialogues as such, it is important to write the storyline before you start drawing.

#19 Redraft

Take a break Every time you jot down a scene, so that you get better ideas, and also can improvise on the existing ones.

#20 Dialogues

Keeping the texts or dialogues at the edge of the name adds a nicer and a cleaner finish