5 Tips From Famous Artists When Starting Your Comic Book

Many books with all sorts of tips on how to get your first comic book published are on the market, and you might even find a few tips on how to write your first comic book.

What’s even better is the abundance of tips from famous comic book artists. Here are some tips that are especially helpful if you have never written a comic book before, and they’re useful for all kinds of books.

These are tips to help you make your first comic book and be as successful as you can be:

1. Determine The Genre Of Your Comic Book

First, you need to look at your book. If it’s an action-packed book, you should include lots of action scenes. If it’s a comedy book, the comic book should have many comedy scenes in it.

That way, you would have a guide on how your storyline will be.

2. Take Time To Write

Second, write down everything you want in your comic book. This doesn’t mean you need to write it out every single detail, but remember that you need to jot down every important aspect of the book and include it.

Then, organize the information according to your storyline.

The beginning part is one of the most critical part. Your introduction must introduce your characters. You must know what the readers need to know, and then they have to give it to the reader. This is why the introduction is often a crucial part of the book because it determines how long the readers read and how well the book holds their interest.

Another part is the middle because this is where most of the readers’ interest lies. It’s also where the story begins, and it’s an excellent place to tell a complete story with everything explained. Most importantly, the middle is where the characters and the story get into their conflicts, and how they deal with the conflict.

The end part is where the writer needs to finish the story and tell it how they want to, although this varies from author to author. The last part is where you resolve the previous conflict.

3. Re-Read Your Work

Third, read through your book with a fine-tooth comb. Don’t just throw away pages because they don’t look right. If you haven’t read the book a hundred times, then it might take some time to figure out what you’ve forgotten about, so read through your book again and find all the essential details and things you’ve been missing.

By doing so, you can omit the ones you think aren’t necessary or out of your book’s genre. Or add lines that might complete the storyline.

4. Keep A List Of Your Characters

Another reason to re-reading your book even when you think it’s done is to change or add characters you seem necessary. After you make a list of all the characters in your book, keep a few extra copies.

When you start writing the main plot, you can change the main characters a little bit without worrying about losing the book. It’ll be easier to go back and rewrite your book after it’s done than when you’re still writing it.

5. Ask Help From Other Writers

When you’re working on your comic book, you’ might need to get a lot of help from other people, and that’s okay. Just remember that if you’re having trouble with how you should write your comic book, you can ask other writers how they cope with a writer’s block. Or talking to them may even give you an idea of how to write your book.

Other writers may even inspire you on their writing journey.


Be sure to listen to what your voice says and follow your own heart when starting your own, even if it means writing a whole comic book by yourself.

Also, the tips from famous artists can help you make your comic books a success. Books can help as well, just make sure you get a useful guide that teaches you all the necessary skills, and then you can begin writing your first comic book.

Of course, if you’ve never written a comic before and have some experience, you should start with beginners’ guide for beginners to comic books. This can be found online and in most comic book stores. It’s not necessary to buy it to read the tips.