October 2020

Top 5 Uses Of Clay As Art

When people talk about using clay in their work, they’re usually referring to the use of clay as an art medium. Most artists would agree that when you use this product to create your designs and pieces, it’s easy to find an inspiration around you. The following are just some of the top uses of… Read More »Top 5 Uses Of Clay As Art

Mistakes To Avoid When Painting

Although everyone commits a mistake when doing art, it’s still best to avoid such, especially if these mistakes can be avoidable. By doing so, you can minimize wasting your time and effort. Thus, you can even create great artwork without repeating the job. So when you’re painting, you should avoid these mistakes:  1. Not Knowing… Read More »Mistakes To Avoid When Painting

What Is Mural Art?

A mural is can be painted or placed on a wall, ceiling, or other permanent surfaces. A distinctive feature of mural art is the seamless integration of a given space’s elements into the composition. Because they’re made from solid materials and often framed by an architectural framework, they can dramatically affect the architecture of a… Read More »What Is Mural Art?