Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg

Lisa is a cartoonist and an educator who creates sketches and provides classes for students on sketching. This platform shares some of the popular works of Lisa while also connecting her to answer your questions.

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Lisa Rosalie is a know sketch artist and a cartoonist who has worked on several major projects that you can read more about below. This page is her official platform to provide sketching classes and also connect with her students.

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Projects History

786 Personal Projects

Check out the personal projects from Lisa and her exclusive artwork.

498 Commercial Projects

Browse through the programs where Lisa has performed as an animator.

778 Book Illustrations

Learn how to make illustrations for any book that you like with creativity.

I have had an amazing time learning to draw comic books for the first time as an artist. This was my first comic-making workshop, but I am definitely joining again for more.
Patricia R. Wilson


Work Areas

The team under Lisa Rosalie has expert artists working professionally in their fields
who would like to share their tips and personal experiences with you.


Special clay sculpting sessions are uniquely introduced to keep your mind relaxed with another hobby.


We offer special comic book making sessions guided by the best instructors in the industry.


Learn how to make easy and creative illustrations to help you perform better in doing quick projects.

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