“I Cut My Hair” is now online!

The above self-portrait of me toiling at the drawing board symbolizes that today is the day I launched the website I have been planning and plotting for a while now…


As you may have guessed, this is now the online home for my minicomic series “I Cut My Hair.” I’ll still be pubishing it as a zine, but this site will be where my stories debut. I may or may not collect absolutely everything I put online in paper form, but we’ll see. I’ll be figuring out the setup as I go.

After I finished the third issue of I Cut My Hair I started thinking that I wanted to move away from autobio. Part of this was a hang up about not wanting to be seen as “just” an autobio cartoonist, which is silly because I read and love lots of autobiographical work. But it was also a desire to take on something new: I want to do more fiction, and I want to get better at it. So I decided that “I Cut My Hair” would become an ongoing collection of stories, not all of which would be about me and my life. Putting it online seemed like a good idea not just so that more people could access my comics more easily, but also so that I would have a regular weekly update schedule to hold myself to. I’m looking forward to the improvement that inevitably comes from such regular practice. I also wanted to have a place to point people to where they could see my most up-to-date work.

I’ll put up a new page every Sunday, which will either be a one-pager or one page of a longer story. I plan on experimenting with different styles, genres, page layouts, coloring methods…maybe my long-percolating YA graphic novel story will even get serialized at the site. Who knows?

Anyway please do go check out the site, it’s got my first comic up as well as an intro post. Feedback is always welcome! Oh and a very special thanks to my studiomate Les McClaine, whose website-making know-how got this new project off the ground.

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