The second post in a row featuring a drawing of me getting punched in the face

Here is a comic I started on June 14th but just finished inking today:

Although this trend of bodily harm (in comics form) may seem worrisome, things aren’t really all that bad. I think I’ve just been feeling the general exhaustion of the end-of-school year time. For one thing, even though the end of school should feel like a relief, it’s also a time of transition. Less time spent working in the school means more time to work on comics, which is great, but it also means a mental shifting of gears as I attempt to create and maintain a new comics-making schedule. Also this has been a pretty difficult school year, with a major push towards the end that consisted of coaching our students through final exams, Saturday study sessions, year-end events, and hours of paperwork and data entry. Much like the last leg of a race, it’s exhausting, and made me want to sit down, a little dazed, to catch my breath. Also it felt like the end was never actually going to come! There was always one more thing to do, and it’s only in the last few days that I’ve felt the dust has really begun to settle.

But! A few more sunny days and I’m sure I’ll feel re-charged. This week’s project: an autobiographical story for an upcoming anthology about bad roommates. Previews to follow shortly.

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  1. Pat Bender · July 9, 2011

    Fabulous. Just completing my school year I can identify with your latest graphic.
    Retired from a career in mental health nursing, I am now assiting in providing Title One services in an inner city middle school. Upon finding old comic books in my garage I set up a lending library and initiated a student governed comic book club (The Comic Book Connection) in support of the school’s reading program. The goal is to build the student’s academic and life skills through reading, discussing, and creating comics. I am learning about comics as fast as I can and appreciate your blog.
    I am struck with the potential for the students to make a variety of ‘connections”; reading comprehension, critical thinking, effective commuication skills, respecful friendships, career opportunitites, community service projects, and best, perhaps an increase in their esteem. Thank you.

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