Hello, internet! Plus, muppets and sophomoric humor

…it has been a while. A more extensive post detailing the activities of the past few months is forthcoming. For now, please enjoy this self-portrait as a muppet, done as part of Tranquility Base’s “muppet yourself” drawing challenge in March:

…and feel free to check out the muppet countenances of my Tranquilty Base studiomates at our blog.

Also, way back in the damp and chilly days of February I was included in the Moby Dick-themed “Take To The Ship” art show at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. I set out to make a one-page comic, but never having read the book I headed to its Wikipedia entry for some inspiration. Once I found out that Moby Dick is in fact a sperm whale, the thing just wrote itself. My propensity for gross-out humor is only encouraged by the fact that I work with high school freshmen. Here is the finished piece (click for a slightly larger version):

Happy spring!

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