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OK general livejournal audience, I am hoping that you can help me clear up some confusion related to putting images in my entries. Basically whenever I upload an image it appears much smaller than I’d like. You can then click on this image so that it gets to be the size I want it to appear on the actual journal page, but I would like to skip that clicking step. For example, on this entry I wanted the comic to appear in the journal entry at the size it appears on once you click on it (about 600×550 or so pixels), but I can’t figure out how to not have livejournal turn it into a thumbnail. I tried altering the number of pixels in the little upload window but then it just made for a slightly larger, blurry thumbnail. It would be neat if, for example, I could have had that comic (and future drawings) appear as large as this comic in ‘s recent entry. Should I scan my images in larger? Smaller? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

On the topic of my general internet ineptitude, my friend Jenevive has been helping me get my website up and yesterday she gave me my first lesson in HTML, thumbnail-making, and uploading pictures and text. This is all totally new to me and thus it’s a bit overwelming, but the art section now displays the first fruits of my newly (mostly) aquired knowledge. For all my love of the 90s, I never really got into the whole website-making thing when it was new and exciting…but that’s all gonna change!


  1. nervousystem · November 22, 2009


    I don’t actually use the LiveJournal image upload system for that reason. The comic on my entry that you referred to is actually hosted on my website. I copy the URL (right click over the image and select “copy image URL”–I’m on PC, I don’t know what it says on MACs) and then put it in the quotes of the following code:
    title or description

    Just replace everything in the quotes with the value from the original image URL.

    Details here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=6

    I seriously open that cheat sheet every single time I post.

    Also, for images that I don’t want to bother uploading to my site, I upload to a free image hosting account. Some people use Photobucket, I use Imageshack. It’s pretty easy at that point–after you upload an image, they just provide you with the code that you’ll need to paste it into a website (ie, here in a LiveJournal post)

    I hope that helped!

  2. nervousystem · November 22, 2009

    oh no, that did not work at all. Please see the link for the code!

  3. abrassea · November 23, 2009

    that’s what i do too.

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