two comics

a little story starring the monster from a few posts before: 

(reminder: click the pictures to enlarge)

and one of my intermittent journal comics: 


  1. so_lily_briscoe · June 15, 2007

    Ooohh, very Kalmanesque. Lovely. The journal comic, not the monster. The monster is classic Lisa. But the squirrel looks oddly ambivalent about the whole situation.

    One wonders about the squirrel.

  2. wayiseeitbarry · June 15, 2007

    The second one looks to me as if you are surprised to gaze ahead and realize that you are in fact observing yourself and chronicling the situation. Or maybe it was a mirror. Or maybe I was just reading about metaphorical observation & rotating perspective. Shit, I’m overthinking everything.


  3. Anonymous · June 17, 2007


    …just kidding, lisa. i love them all. – jackson

  4. Lisa Rosalie · June 18, 2007

    hm, who is this Kalman? you must educate me.

    Perhaps this doesn’t show up quite well enough, but the squirrel’s closed eyes in the last panel are supposed to make him seem happy and at peace having recieved love…maybe you’re right, though, and he was ambivalent all along

  5. Lisa Rosalie · June 18, 2007


    you’ve added a whole new dimension to things…

  6. Lisa Rosalie · June 18, 2007

    Re: meh

    aw, thanks.

    i’ll come visit you soon…

  7. so_lily_briscoe · June 19, 2007

    Maira Kalman is my lifeblood. See also the illustrated Elements of Style.

    Yes, I also didn’t notice at first the wonderful hyperactive-eyebrows-not-actually-attached-to-head on the squirrel, which are, as everyone knows, a universal sign of ineffable glee.

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