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another journal comic from February:

epilogue:  I now have a job with an amazing afterschool program for September, one affiliated with the “small progressive school” in the comic.  Hooray!


  1. so_lily_briscoe · June 19, 2007

    Yes, you can do all of that. And somewhere in your neurotic little heart, you KNOW that you can. And you already dress the part!

    In addition to writing pretty comics.

  2. lassoo · June 20, 2007


    Hey, congrats on the job! I think I’d also like to work for some species of after school program when I get back this summer.

    Also, if you think you’re freaked out by being out of college for one year, wait until TWO years have gone by. That will make you feel so old, you might spontaneously develop Hysterical Menopause.

  3. missmae · June 23, 2007

    aww.. I’m glad you posted this. I’m honored that I’m in it!! <3

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