a big page of little drawings

I drew a whole bunch of babies and monsters one day in February.  First, the monsters…or rather, one monster doing a few different things:

And now, the babies, which are kind of like little monsters anyway: 

And I might turn this series of babies into a small zine, one baby picture per page, titled, appropriately, “Babies”: 

I think my rudimentary scanning/photoshop skills are improving a little bit


  1. so_lily_briscoe · June 7, 2007

    What does it say about me that I find the monster(s) more loveable than the babies? At any rate, that is one seriously loveable monster.

    I can think of another loveable monster who should come back to the east coast before I re-expatriate. Just a thought.

    Also, “MNAH!” is an awesome sound to make when chomping happily on something. The fact that I think this is one of the reasons I seldom do well in polite company.

  2. Lisa Rosalie · June 8, 2007

    aw, thanks. I think the monster’s more loveable too. He’s in a little comic strip that I’m posting soon.

    Well…when do you return to the continent of Europe? Because I will be in New York from July 10-19, and I miss you a whole lot and would love to see you then if you’re still stateside.

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