public transit

This girl got on the #4 bus when I was riding to work in early February.  At first glance I thought she was 17, and then, on second thought, I decided it was equally possible that she was maybe 23.  Either way she had this precocious young girl-ragamuffin-Ally Sheedy-in-The Breakfast Club-but-more-punk look to her that I found intriguing.  She also looked like she might have been a Rock and Roll Camp for Girls alumnus.  

…then I drew some smaller pictures of her in different styles.  I said “best summer ever!” like that and did that pose at a party the night before…I thought it might look cool to have her do that too.

Later on during that bus ride we were stopped for longer than usual and then I realized that the reason we were stalled was because this guy in the who had just left the bus decided to…uh…”relieve himself” on the seat before departing.  Then some douchebag said to his girlfriend, loud enought for the whole bus to hear, “I wonder how many other seats that’s happened on!”  

“Why would you say that?”  I asked him, a pained look upon my face.  

Gross gross gross.   

This girl was pretty cool, though. 

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