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Here’s the beginning of my sketchblog.  I’ve never done any self-publishing or been published (not counting the high school newspaper, I guess), and  I’m thinking of this as a non-committal way to put my drawings somewhere for other people besides me to see.  It feels like a pretty good starting point.  I’m not quite sure whether I’m going to stay on livejournal, or move on to another site…In any case, these drawings are from January, when I began my current sketchbook.  

The cat up there is Claudette.  She belongs to my old roommate Cassie, and used to fall asleep like that in front of my space heater all the time.  

Here are some drawings from a plane ride to New York.  I’m particularly proud of the baby…I’m pretty sure he was inspired by some loud child sitting near me:

More to come…


  1. Anonymous · May 23, 2007

    i love the snail lisa!



    Elizabeth Brady

  2. Anonymous · May 29, 2007

    space heater

    I really, really like the term “space heater”. I also really like your drawings.


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